Selling online: Where to start? You know that you need sell online if you are to survive in business… but where do you begin? We’ll show you the important areas that must be considered.

Online vs Bricks ‘n Mortar (or both)? How to combine traditional retail activities with an online web-shop.

Choosing technical and marketing partners. How to determine whether a consultancy is worth hiring. Know what to ask them, and know what they need to answer.

Shopping Portals – yes or no? Is there any value in selling on popular shopping portals, such as Amazon or eBay? We look at online shopping portals as a quick ‘n easy way to sell online – but not necessarily PROFITABLY.

Getting seen on the internet. A concise description of search engines and how they work, including the debunking of popular (but archaic) terms such as “SEO”.

E-commerce software platforms. How easy are they to operate? We explain the principle of OpenSource software and the benefits (and challenges) of using it for your webshop.